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AWF Experts at COP28: Bridging Conservation and Sustainable Development in Africa

by In-house Editor

The African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) is actively participating in COP28, showcasing a team of experts who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge in various fields related to conservation and sustainable development. Here’s an overview of the key personnel and their areas of expertise during their visit to the UAE:

1. Andrea (Last Name not Provided) – Role: Program Design and Sustainable Finance Expert

   – Andrea is responsible for AWF’s programmatic work with the business sector, particularly in shaping financial flows for conservation in Africa. With 25 years of experience in landscape-scale conservation and development, Andrea focuses on developing pathways to sustainable growth using nature-based business solutions and finance. She is actively involved in creating new business models centered around a regenerative relationship with nature and society, collaborating with sectors such as extractive industries, agriculture, and tourism.

2. Charly Facheux – Role: Senior Vice-President Conservation Strategy, Impact, and Learning

   – Charly Facheux boasts 25 years of experience in strategy development, program implementation, and delivery across Africa. As the Senior Vice-President for Conservation Strategy, Impact, and Learning, he is responsible for delivering AWF’s global strategy and conservation results. Charly is known for his high standards and motivation skills, managing programs in challenging geographies while building strategic partnerships with public and private donors. His expertise lies in the nexus of biodiversity and climate, the Global Biodiversity Framework, community-focused initiatives, and African leadership and governance for climate delivery.

3. Nancy Githaiga – Role: AWF Country Director, Kenya

   – Nancy is an environmental advocate with 15 years of experience in development and conservation. As the AWF Country Director for Kenya, she leads programmatic work with a focus on community impact and policy engagement. Nancy’s expertise in natural resource governance and management, combined with her education in Climate Change and Applied Hydrology, drives her commitment to inter and intra-generational equity. She emphasizes sustainable development at scale, advocating for meaningful change and addressing issues such as human-wildlife conflict, climate education, and gender equity.

4. Antoine Tabu – Role: Country Coordinator-DRC/Deputy Chief of Party

   – With a master’s degree equivalent in sociology and 17 years of experience in natural resource management in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Antoine Tabu serves as the AWF DRC Country Coordinator and Deputy Chief of the Party. His expertise lies in the nexus of biodiversity and climate, working with communities, localizing solutions, and employing technology and innovation to address conservation challenges.

During their stay in the UAE from November 30 to December 12, 2023, these AWF experts will be actively engaging in discussions and activities related to sustainable finance, investments in Africa, biodiversity economies, climate change, community-focused initiatives, and more. Their presence at COP28 signifies AWF’s commitment to addressing pressing environmental challenges and contributing to global efforts for a sustainable and resilient future.

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