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Minister commits to support wildlife research training

by In-house Editor

The Ministry of Tourism in Uganda has pledged its support to the Wildlife Research and Training Institute (UWRTI) for its crucial role in conducting research in the tourism sector. The institute, located in Katwe-Kabatoro, Kasese District, is responsible for providing research, training, and consultancy services in wildlife conservation.

State Minister for Tourism, Martin Mugara Bahinduka, emphasized the importance of research in the development of the tourism sector and the conservation of nature. He

expressed his concern that many researchers conduct valuable studies but fail to share their findings with the government or relevant agencies.

The UWRTI, as the only middle-level institution offering professional training in Wildlife and Tourism Management, plays a vital role in addressing issues such as wildlife-human conflicts and invasive species. National parks, including Queen Elizabeth National Park, are facing challenges from invasive plant species that threaten wildlife habitats.

The minister highlighted the significance of research and innovation in the environmental sector and announced increased funding for the UWRTI’s research programs. However, there is still a need for additional financial support to fully implement the institute’s master plan.

Researchers and scholars attending the symposium emphasized the importance of incorporating research findings into decision-making processes. They encouraged higher education institutions and students to engage in research and innovation, as it contributes to socio-economic transformation.

The commitment from the Ministry of Tourism and the acknowledgment of the UWRTI’s research efforts demonstrate Uganda’s dedication to promoting sustainable tourism and wildlife conservation through evidence-based decision-making.

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