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Sanctuary Nature Foundation: Pioneering Conservation Efforts Since 1981

by In-house Editor

For over four decades, the Sanctuary Nature Foundation has been at the forefront of wildlife conservation in India, spearheaded by its flagship publication, Sanctuary Asia magazine. Founded and edited by Bittu Sahgal, the magazine has remained a beloved and influential voice in the realm of nature and wildlife since its inception in 1981.

A Legacy of Conservation

Since its inaugural issue, Sanctuary Asia has played a pivotal role in galvanizing wildlife conservation efforts across the country. With its well-researched articles and compelling narratives, the magazine has served as a catalyst for raising awareness and mobilizing action to protect India’s rich biodiversity.

Inspiring the Next Generation

Recognizing the importance of engaging younger audiences, Sanctuary Asia launched Sanctuary Cub in 1984. This edition caters specifically to young naturalists, inspiring generations of children to connect with and protect the natural world.

Evolution into Sanctuary Nature Foundation

In 2015, the Sanctuary Nature Foundation transitioned into a Section 8 Foundation under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. With a mission to produce scientifically sound communications and implement conservation projects, the foundation takes a holistic approach to addressing human-wildlife and climate issues.

Diverse Initiatives

Beyond its print and digital publications, the Sanctuary Nature Foundation engages in various conservation activities, including book publishing, wildlife tourism guidebooks, nature festivals, expeditions, climate change workshops, and advocacy events. By working at the intersection of biodiversity, economics, and climate change, the foundation provides thought leadership and fosters collaboration among diverse stakeholders.

Global Network

The Sanctuary Nature Foundation’s impact extends beyond India, collaborating with organizations and individuals worldwide on policy, advocacy, and conservation actions. Through conflict-resolution and bridge-building initiatives, the foundation unites credible groups to address pressing environmental challenges.

Vision for the Future

With a vision to create a world with abundant biodiversity, a sustainable climate, and an equitable future for all, the Sanctuary Nature Foundation remains committed to promoting, supporting, and consolidating the wildlife and nature conservation movement in India. Building on the legacy of Sanctuary Asia, the foundation continues to advocate for the protection of India’s natural heritage.

As the Sanctuary Nature Foundation forges ahead, its dedication to conservation and environmental stewardship serves as an inspiration for individuals and organizations alike, reminding us of our collective responsibility to safeguard the planet for future generations

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