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Last Wilderness Foundation: Nurturing India’s Natural Heritage

by In-house Editor

In the heart of India’s wilderness, a dedicated team at Last Wilderness Foundation (LWF) is tirelessly working towards the conservation of wildlife and the preservation of India’s natural heritage. Founded and directed by Nikhil Nagle, an avid wildlife photographer with a deep passion for conservation, LWF engages with urban and rural communities, as well as the Forest Department, to implement effective conservation measures.

Urban and Rural Outreach

In urban areas, LWF focuses on raising awareness among children about wildlife and biodiversity, instilling in them a sense of responsibility towards conservation and the environment. Meanwhile, in rural areas, the organization collaborates with communities living within and around forests to address conservation-related issues arising from human-wildlife interaction. By fostering peaceful coexistence between humans and wildlife, LWF endeavors to mitigate conflicts and ensure the well-being of both.

Supporting Conservation Efforts

LWF extends support to the government, particularly through the Forest Department, by assisting in the implementation of conservation measures on the ground. Regular workshops are organized to enhance the technical skills and morale of forest department personnel, empowering them to tackle conservation challenges effectively.

Vision and Mission

The vision of Last Wilderness Foundation is to see an India with a vibrant and eternal natural heritage, respected and protected by its people. To achieve this vision, LWF has made it their mission to increase awareness about India’s wildlife, forests, and the plight of tribal populations. The organization provides assistance to various individuals and organizations involved in conservation efforts, be it governmental or otherwise, and actively participates in the sustainable development of villages and tribal settlements near forests.

Meet the Team

Behind the success of Last Wilderness Foundation is a dedicated team of individuals, each contributing their unique skills and expertise towards the organization’s mission. From the founder and director Nikhil Nagle to field coordinators like Shyambihari Yadav and Sonu Verma, the team embodies a shared commitment to wildlife conservation and community engagement.

Making an Impact

With over 25,000 lives touched, 175 villages reached, and 50 projects completed, Last Wilderness Foundation has made significant strides in its conservation efforts. Covering six protected areas, including tiger reserves and national parks, the organization continues to make a positive impact on India’s natural ecosystems.

In conclusion, Last Wilderness Foundation stands as a beacon of hope for India’s wildlife and forests, working tirelessly to ensure a sustainable future where humans and nature thrive in harmony. Through their unwavering dedication and collaborative approach, LWF is paving the way for a brighter and greener tomorrow.

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