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World for Nature: A Beacon of Compassion in Conservation

by In-house Editor

In the intricate tapestry of environmental conservation, World for Nature (WFN) emerges as a radiant thread, weaving together the efforts of passionate individuals striving to safeguard our planet’s biodiversity. Established in 2018 under the Section 8 ‘Non-Governmental Organization’, WFN is more than an organization; it is a collective of change-makers dedicated to minimizing animal suffering, reducing human-animal conflict, and fostering peaceful coexistence.

Origins and Purpose: The Heartbeat of Change

Founded by Mr. Shubham Pande with the support of young student volunteers, WFN’s journey began with a vision to create a world where nature thrives, Earth is purified, biodiversity flourishes, and the delicate balance between humans and animals is preserved. The organization’s mission encompasses a multifaceted approach, including emergency animal rescue, rehabilitation, medical aid, education, and awareness programs.

The heartbeat of WFN lies in its goal to protect endangered species and their habitats. Through awareness, support, and training, WFN aims to create a sustainable paradigm for wildlife conservation. The organization firmly believes in engaging local communities and collaborating with government agencies to combat poaching and illegal wildlife trade across India.

Diverse Initiatives: Nature, Welfare, and Education

WFN’s impact reverberates through various initiatives that not only focus on wildlife but extend their reach to social welfare and education. The organization facilitates nature tourism, providing an opportunity for enthusiasts to explore and understand the biodiversity of different regions. Social welfare activities, spearheaded by departments like Human Welfare, contribute to education for needy students and assistance for the less fortunate through camps and support programs.

The organization’s commitment goes beyond rhetoric, actively accepting donations of food, supplies, and medicines to directly benefit rescued animals. Volunteer opportunities are aplenty, offering passionate animal advocates a chance to contribute meaningfully. WFN provides guidance, support, and training to new members, fostering a community of dedicated individuals committed to the cause.

Rescue Operations: Stories of Compassion and Courage

The heartbeat of WFN is perhaps most evident in its rescue operations, where stories of compassion and courage unfold. From rescuing a mule stuck in riverbank mud to treating an injured monkey rescued from an electric shock, WFN’s efforts are a testament to their commitment to alleviate animal suffering. The organization has facilitated the birth and release of snake babies, treated injured tortoises, revived an injured Bonelli Eagle, and rescued kites trapped in trees, showcasing their wide-ranging impact.

Social Work and Achievements: Beyond Conservation

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, WFN conducted free COVID tests for students at an orphanage, exemplifying their commitment to community welfare. Awards were bestowed upon social workers during WFN’s anniversary in 2020, and the organization actively engages in health camps and social initiatives.

Lectures, Campaigns, Seminars: Spreading Awareness

WFN’s commitment to education and awareness is evident in its extensive outreach programs. From awareness campaigns during the lockdown to lectures on biodiversity conservation, snake recognition, and snake bites, WFN actively engages with communities, schools, and organizations. Seminars and awareness programs on wildlife conservation and related topics are conducted at various educational institutions, fostering a deeper understanding of the natural world.

Hour for Nature Initiative: Empowering Individuals

Recognizing the urgency of environmental balance, WFN launched the “Hour for Nature” initiative. This unique endeavor encourages individuals, especially the youth, to dedicate an hour to learn about environmental concerns, find innovative solutions, and contribute to nature conservation. Through lectures, educational trips, and competitions, WFN aims to inspire local youth to become stewards of the environment.

Mission Snakebite Death Free India

Action Plan

  1. Awareness And Outreach – 

Mission will focus on reaching out to the mass population through awareness sessions in schools, colleges, communities, etc.

Mission aims to reach every village and make people aware about the snakes and snake bite management.

  1. Capacity Building – 
    1. Training of health providers for managing snakebite cases.
    2. Training of trainers who will educate people about snakes and snake bites.
    3. Training of Snake rescuers.
  2. Creating educational material in regional languages

Designing and publishing the education material related to snakes and snake bite

  1. Book of snakes and snakebite prevention and management
  2. Pocket guide to for identifying snakes and sop after snakebite
  3. Posters at public places showing common snake species in that locality and do’s and don’ts of after snake bite.
  4. Games and activities for children to understand the topic.
  5. Providing ASV kits in rural areas 

Availability of ASV is very crucial in snake bite management. But in many remote areas of rural India it’s hard to get ASV in primary health centers.

  1. Developing a platform for snakebite and ASV availability data (App)

An app for keeping the data about the ASV availability and the helpline for the snakebite emergency

Also this app will provide a platform to rescuers to keep the records of snake rescues.


World for Nature, with its diverse initiatives, rescue operations, social work, educational programs, and innovative campaigns, resonates as a symphony of conservation and compassion. The organization stands as a beacon, guiding individuals towards a more harmonious coexistence with nature. In the intricate dance of life, WFN’s steps echo a commitment to preserving the delicate balance of our planet’s ecosystems, ensuring a future where humans and wildlife thrive together in harmony.

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