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Startups Revolutionizing Wildlife Tourism & Conservation in India

by In-house Editor

India’s rich biodiversity and stunning natural landscapes have always drawn wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers from around the world. While established wildlife tourism destinations thrive, a new wave of startups is making its mark in the wildlife tourism and conservation sector in India. These innovative ventures are reshaping the industry by combining technology, sustainability, and a passion for wildlife. In this article, we introduce you to the startups that are making waves in this field.

1. Dolkhar (Ladakh)

Rigzin Lachic- Founder

It aims to shed light on Ladakh’s untold stories. Offers a unique restaurant and villa experience in Ladakh, seeking to preserve Ladakh’s heritage while providing visitors with an immersive and genuine experience. The villas reshape Ladakh’s tourism dynamics, showcasing cultural diversity, language, and landscapes beyond tourist hotspots.

Website- https://dolkharladakh.com/ 

2. Aaranyachar (Pune)

Aniket Gupta – Managing Director

Working closely with the guardians of the Central Indian Landscape, the Madhya Pradesh Tiger Foundation Society as well as Last Wilderness Foundation (NGO). It aims to support alternate livelihoods by adopting community driven tourism practices & aiding conservation measures. All journeys are designed to allow maximum exposure with the locals.

Website- https://www.aaranyachar.com/ 

3. Compass India (Gurgaon)

Pravin Tamang – Founder & CEO

A young Indian B2B destination management company has designed its products and services with an objective to benefit the local economy. It ensures that at least 80 percent of the tourism revenue remains within the local economy and suppliers. It is developing a booking platform for home stay in the Himalayan region.

Website- https://compass-group.co.in/ 

4. Ghumo India Community (Indore)

Shubham Patidar – Founder & CEO

A community consists of individuals who are passionate about traveling and exploring different parts of India which promotes ecotourism and responsible travel practices to help preserve the environment and support local communities.Encourages travelers to explore offbeat destinations and to immerse themselves in local cultures.

Website- https://ghumoindiacommunity.com/ 

5. HOETUS (Siliguri)

Gaurav Debnath – Managing Director

One of the fastest-growing firms in the eco-tourism sector provides wide exposure to activities like organic farming in the villages, trekking to a waterfall or a hill-top, playing football with the local village kids, swimming in the river, a tour of indigenous ways of hand-made tea and many such activities.

Website- https://hoetus.com/ 

6. Homestays Of India (Delhi)

Vinod Verma- Co-Founder & CEO

An enterprise dedicated to supporting authentic family run homestays across India. Provides travelers an informal setting and opportunity to interact with hosts and co-travelers, experience the local culture & tradition and taste India’s rich cuisine prepared by locals. Working in collaboration with brands, local communities, and influencers to promote socially responsible tourism.

Website- https://www.homestaysofindia.com/ 

7. Kabani Community Tourism (Kerela)

Sumesh Mangalasseri- Managing Director & Chairman

A togetherness of committed people thinking and striving for the cause of their people and the land that they love. Offers sustainable and authentic travel experiences with special attention to avoid most of the pitfalls of tourism. Their mission is to encourage entrepreneurship and social innovation at village level.

Website- https://www.kabanitour.com/ 

8. Nature Xtreme (Bangalore)

Nanda Kumar – Founder

Focuses on types of tours like adventure tours, wildlife tours, cultural tours, scuba diving tours, customized tours, and fixed date tours. Offers various kinds of packages offered by NATX comprising a range of exciting destinations both domestic and international. It specializes in wildlife and diving based tours that also focus on wildlife photography, under-water diving photography and for organizing large group diving programs.

Website- http://www.naturextreme.com/ 

9. RV ON (Haryana)

Ajay Kalra – Managing Director

Known for providing memorable, adventurous and luxurious car avanning experiences that enhances ecotourism without compromising on comfort and luxury for its guests. Specializes in experiential travel and is slowly but surely making a mark in this unique space of Caravanning. Leaving no stone unturned to meet its mission ‘Reimagine Road Trips’ by giving every Indian the chance to enjoy the benefits of Caravanning on their next vacation.

Website- https://rvon.in/ 

10. Tenpy (Bangalore)

Arsh Bansal – Founder & CEO

Set up tiny homes in the middle of nowhere, farms or wild, the tiny homes act as a hardware to connect users to nature which enables personal wellness and digital detox and provides minimalist leisure time. Helps to get back to being primitive for a short time to find the balance between work life and domestic life and get it rejuvenated.

Website- https://tenpy.co/ 

These startups are not only changing the way tourists experience wildlife but also making substantial contributions to conservation efforts. By promoting responsible tourism, embracing technology, and encouraging investments in wildlife protection, they are shaping a brighter future for India’s incredible biodiversity. As these ventures continue to grow, the future of wildlife tourism and conservation in India looks promising and sustainable.

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